Blackout Rush releases for iOS

September 13, 2015 in Featured by Stager


It’s Game Day! Blackout Rush, a twitch-based quick-play game, is now available for free on the AppStore!

Blackout Rush is the techno equivalent of whack-a-mole! In this addictive, fast-paced reflex game, you tap the lights whose color matches that of the background, which is continually changing. The better you play, the higher your score bonus, but the harder it becomes.

Try to keep your speedometer maxed out in order to score the most points and keep your timer from running out. Use Blackouts to instantly clear all lights on the board and give yourself a chance to breathe, before the chaos ramps back up.

Built-in achievements and leaderboards allow you to test your skills and challenge your friends, in this easy-to-grasp but hard-to-master tap frenzy!